…Meeting near Leicester on 22nd August, Henry had an army of only around 5,000, compared to Richard’s force of some 12000 men. Few first hand accounts of the battle remain, but it seems that the course of the fighting was swayed when Lord Stanley sent his troops into the battle in aid of Henry. Richard had not called on the powerful Stanley family to join in the battle and their substantial armies, although close to the fighting, had initially remained un-involved. What caused Lord Stanley to send his troops in, aiding his stepson and betraying the king, is unclear. It proved decisive however, Richard’s armies were caught be surprise, and the king killed in the ambush. Henry was crowned Henry VII in the aftermath, and his marriage to Elizabeth of York the following year united the Lancastrian and Yorkist claims to the throne – ending the Wars of the Roses and signaling the start of one of England’s most famous dynasties. [x]

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