Yearly cleaning, amirite??

I have a small house. It’s plenty big enough for our little family, don’t get me wrong, but by today’s standards it is little. It should be easy for me to keep it in tip-top shape year round, right? I mean there aren’t a ton of little hideaways for me to be stashing clutter or extra rooms that get neglected.

Well, you’d think it’d be easy but apparently it’s not. I’d love to be one of those women who have houses that, when you walk into them, always seem like they’ve been professionally cleaned. I recently stayed at my husband’s grandparent’s house for a weekend and the woman’s baseboards were immaculate. I’ve never been so jealous of baseboards before.

The fact is that even with my little house, things get grody. The blinds get caked with dust, the closets get stuffed full of junk no one cares about, the spare bedroom (which will soon be a nursery for the new baby) gets filled up with broken toys and unorganized craft supplies. It happens. It’s not a big deal. But it is important to clean it up at least once a year, right? At least once a year to really spruce it up and throw away all the random stuff you’ve accumulated for no reason. Otherwise, when it becomes unbearable and you are *forced* to do a deep clean, you’ll be digging through years of buildup and that’s just a nightmare. No one wants that.

But Alek, it isn’t Spring..

The concept of a yearly clean is nothing new, obviously. It’s called Spring Cleaning and I think pretty much everyone does some version of it. Spring is a natural time to do it, since you’ve been cooped up in the house all winter. It’s so nice to throw open the windows and brush away all the dust. I get it. I do it too. You don’t wanna do big decluttering or household projects during the winter because it’s cold outside and it’s not nice to have to be taking things out to the curb in the snow or driving around to drop off donations of old clothes or toys at different charity shops.And in the summer you don’t want to do it because…it’s summer. Summer is for goofing off and having fun, not cleaning.

But, you know, I think there’s another time of year that really lends itself to this kind of cleaning. When summer ends, it’s easy to get swept away in the enthusiasm of kids going back to school, people getting organized for the school year, the air is fresh and everyone is thinking about making a fresh start. This is the perfect time to get the house all spruced up. I’ve termed it Hibernation Preparation. Just like bears and burrowing animals get their little homes all warm and cozy and ready for their long sleep, so it also makes sense to put our own nest in order in preparation for the months ahead where so much of our time will be spent indoors.

Let’s do it! But how?

It seems like such a daunting task though. I look a round my house and there is just SO MUCH that I want to get done, it’s easy to just throw my hands up and do nothing. But I can’t do nothing, because I don’t want to feel trapped in a cluttered and disorganized space for the coming months. 

So I decided to make a list. I started off with a list of all the rooms in my house, with space beneath them to write down all the tasks in that room that I’d have to do to get everything in order.

 Now that I have a list, I can check off these tasks as I do them. I’ve committed to doing at least one task a day, possibly more if I have the energy but that’s above and beyond. I can manage one a day. And with just one a day I will be finished with this whole list in about a month.

Are you with me?

So now that I’ve shared this with you all, that means I will actually have to do it. Because I’m not motivated by anything other than the fear of humiliation. So what I’m going to do is, as the end of each week, I’ll make an accountability post and talk for a bit about all the wonderful things I did.

If any of you wanted to jump on board with me here, well that’d just be dandy. I’m going to be using the tag #HibernationPrep and you are all totally invited to use it too, sharing all your foibles and victories in getting your nest ready for winter. Even if I’m the only one using the hashtag, I’ll be doing it anyway. So if you don’t want to do the whole cleaning spree thing with me, that’s cool, but, if you would, please stop by and give me a kick in the seat every so often okay? Because, for real, my house needs this. Bad.

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