No one’s. Planned Parenthood isn’t ‘selling body parts.’


What the hell is this even trying to say? Like people walk into planned parenthood and say “yes could you please get me one aborted fetus?”

Apparently this is a new service:

Random Person: *walks into planned parenthood* yes I’d like an aborted fetus’ left arm and right thigh.

PP: Coming right up.

Seriously what do they think…..

It’s not quite as easy as you’ve presented it but almost. Here’s what we know:

It’s NOT a new service. The government lifted the fetal-tissue research ban in 1999. (This article explains how it changed things.)  

The ‘random person’ is not really random but is a welcomed client (StemExpress employee or other company) often allowed to work inside the clinics to facilitate the dissecting, sorting and packaging of the fetal body parts after the abortion is performed.

Here is the

(Google cached) order form for StemExpress  that was available on their website before they removed it due to media attention.(If you click on link, you’ll see detailed dropdown menu of body parts, including fetal, available to order.)  

Not sure how often ‘left arms’ and ‘right thighs’ are requested but here are 3 of Google’s cached pages of StemExpress price listing for fetal liver cells, one of the organs in highest demand:

Fetal Liver – CD34+ Stem/Progenitor Cells ($488–$2,240)

Fetal Liver – CD36+ Erythroid Progenitor Cells ($546–$1,456)

Fetal Liver – CD133+ Stem/Progenitor Cells ($2,425–$24,250)

Other forms that are used in this ‘service’: 

Application form for abortion clinics to be providers for StemExpress. (via)

Consent form to donate blood and tissue that women need to sign before their abortion and from this video from CMP, we found out that it can be the job of the StemExpress employee to acquire the woman’s signature but even that doesn’t stop PP from using the tissue from the aborted fetus without consent.

So there are a few more loopholes to jump through than what you suggested but quite an organized operation after all – this ugly business of killing, dissecting, sorting and selling of baby body parts.

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Note the pro-life Catholic entering the fray with facts and links, whereas the Planned Parenthood supporters are reduced to covering their ears shouting “la-la-la I can’t hear you.”

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