Sooooo I just bought a veil. Like, a legit Catholic Mass Veil. Whatever that means. I will be one of the very few in my Archdiocese to wear it. Because I’m such a coward I’m going to start by just wearing it to confessions and adorations. It will take a few practice jumps before I make the leap. Also, I want to fully understand the whole “veiling” thing before I wear it to a Mass where people might ask for the reason why I wear it. Don’t want to be ignorant. 

Should I post a selfie with my veil on when I receive it?


I veil too! Welcome to the club! (Which is not really a club) *fist bump*

Awesome! Any tips for wearing it a certain way?

Oh! I have a suggestion! You are probably going to want ti pin it to your hair in some way. Your first instinct might be to use two pins or clips and pin it down on either side of your forehead above your ears, right? Wrong! Use a bobby pin or two and slide it through the lace (assuming it’s lace) and into your hair right at the top of your head. it’s much less noticeable.

If you find that it’s very difficult to overcome the self-consciousness of being one of only a couple who are veiling at Mass, you can get a veil that somewhat matches your hair color so it’s not really noticeable to everyone in the room.

I only have experience with my own parish, but only one person has asked me why I veil (I am one of three women who do.) It was a teenage boy and he was satisfied with a short answer. The only other comments I’ve gotten is from older men who tell me it reminds them of their mother who always veiled or something like that.

In my experience, people generally either don’t care or keep their mouths shut if they do.

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