Tantum ergo


I babysat my niece with my mom and grandmother this evening. While my mom was taking care of my grandmother, I gave Lucy her last bottle before bedtime. When all the milk was gone, she was wide awake again. I burped her, then she spit up; after that she stopped crying. I began singing the Tantum ergo, quietly. Her in my arms, she was so still, and her eyes grew so wide, and her pupils dilated, and she stared at my lips as I sang. I don’t know if babies have religious experiences, but it was one for me. Just as I finished the amen, the others came back in the room, and a car pulled in the drive.

I laughed because, to tell the truth, my son hates this song. I love it and often try to sing it to him but he says “no, not that one I dont like that one.” xD

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