So, apparently, today is No Bra Day.

To raise awareness of breast cancer.

That’s right, ladies. Not “talk to your doctor about family history of cancer day” not ”learn to do a self exam day” not “visit a friend or loved one affected by breast cancer day” or even “Donate to a worthy cancer research charity day.”

Nope.Just take your bra off. That’ll do it.

(I get the sneaking suspicion that there is a man behind this. Don’t you?)

Because it’s not like a woman who has had a mastectomy because of breast cancer is going to be at all upset by everyone waving their healthy boobs around in her honor.

Stop trivializing and sexualizing a deadly disease just because it affects a woman’s secondary sexual characteristic. Is this middle school? Grow up. You don’t see this kind of nonsense when it comes to raising awareness for testicular cancer, do you?

Stop making breast cancer awareness about boobs rather than the actual women behind the boobs.

Ugh, this bothers me so so so much.

Grow up.

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