Also my thumb and index finger keep going tinglynumb. At first I was worried, each time thinking it was the beginning of a migraine, but when I have a migraine my fingertips go numb followed shortly, like in the next minute or so, with my whole arm, side of my face and foot. The past week or so it’s just been the thumb and index finger of my right hand. So I googled it, trepidatiously because googling medical symptoms tends to go badly. Turns out it’s carpal tunnel. Not super surprising since it’s so common and I do a lot of writing and crafty-type things.

But I did think it was a teeny bit odd since it’s not like I am typing ALLLL day or whatever. Like, it seems excessive for me to have carpal tunnel syndrome.

Then i learned a fun fact. Apparently carpal tunnel is extra common in pregnant women because of all the fluid retention in our bodies and increased blood volume that puts extra pressure on the carpal nerves.

Pregnancy is so weird.

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