There are approximately thousands of women and girls (so far) tagging/replying to that postpartum-bleeding post with variations of “I did not know this terrifying, shocking, and gruesome information, and I am never having kids!” (Please look at the tags of that post if you get a chance; they’re overwhelming). Isn’t it telling that the better-informed we are about pregnancy and childbirth, the less likely we are to realistically consider it as a choice for ourselves? To me, that indicates that men benefit from keeping us in the dark about it. Males in power who will never experience pregnancy/childbirth themselves, but who want to use us for reproduction, have a very real stake in repressing women’s health information.

I think a salient point being missed here is that women think that a normal part of a healthy pregnancy is shocking and gruesome because they haven’t heard about it before.Of course education is so important so that women can tell the difference between normal lochia and hemorrhage, but it’s kinda sad to me that women would be so disgusted by something normal and healthy. Our bodies are pretty incredible, actually, in that our blood volume increases dramatically during pregnancy to facilitate the blood loss involved with birth.

Healthy childbirth isn’t gruesome, I don’t think it’s feminist to say that it is..

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