18 year old Regulus Black willingly drinks a torture potion and dies alone in a cave so that some day, someone will be able to defeat Voldemort.

Horace Slughorn (albeit reluctantly) shows Harry a part of his past he’s kept hidden for years, even from himself, which is a key part of defeating Voldemort.

Narcissa Malfoy looks Voldemort, a man who is not only notoriously evil but also has the ability to READ MINDS, right in the eye and lies to him for the chance to save her son.

Andromeda Tonks’ entire family is killed at the hand of her own sister and some other death eaters and she still finds the strength to go on and be a guardian to her orphaned grandchild.

But Severus Friendzone Snape, that’s the “brave Slytherin” Harry chooses to name his kid after. Ok, sure.

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