Women should NOT be forced to feed their babies in a bathroom, all because we live in a misogynistic, porn-warped society that’s been brainwashed to believe that female breasts used for anything other than male pleasure is “indecent”. Support public breast feeding and end the porn culture.

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No. I’m eating. I don’t wanna see you hang out your goddamn tits while I have food. My kids don’t wanna see it. It’s not some misogynistic ideal, it’s fucking public indecency. Can I take my cock out under the table and feed my wife/girlfriend?
Fuck you

I really do believe that public shaming has an important place in modern society. Case in point. 

This guy,an actual living human man, sat down at his computer and typed out with his own hands that he thinks feeding a baby the food it was designed to eat is comparable to a sexual act wherein he “feeds” his ”wife” (lol) his semen.

Keep spreading this. Because he’s not alone. Let’s recognize this disgusting sentiment for what is is and normalize breastfeeding for the sake of healthy future generations. 

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