Catholic Mom guilt- no advent wreath, but the Christmas tree is up and going to be decorated by tomorrow. (Because traveling for Christmas means less time to enjoy ones own tree unless it’s up allllll through advent.)

I have no clue how to do advent. Gah.

Mom fail.

This is about how I feel, and also why our tree is going up today. I have lots of big ambitions that might be nice for -me-, if I could ever actually do them, but how to make Advent meaningful to a toddler without totally stripping it of real meaning? So far we’ve started with the concept of birthdays: his is coming, and so is Jesus’s. There’s going to be presents and mass. Maybe that will sink in…

No advent wreath here this year either, and our family tradition has always been to do the christmas decorations the day after thanksgiving.

No judgement. Every year is different.

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