Over the weekend I sent in an anon ask/vent about spotting during early pregnancy. And I haven’t seen it posted responded to. Did any mommas have light spotting during early pregnancy (7wks?) and still go on to carry healthy babies? When I called the OB nurse she wasn’t very nice or very helpful and made it out like I was being stupid for worrying. But this is my first baby and I’m worried. my insurance won’t let me even see an OB or get an ultrasound until I’m 10wks.


Some spotting can be normal. My friend had spotting around 8/9 weeks and went on to have a healthy baby girl.

Anyone want to share their stories?

– D

I had spotting around 8-9 weeks pregnant and was very nervous. I went in for a viability ultrasound and everything was just fine. Since they couldn’t determine the cause of the spotting I was put on progesterone for my first trimester just to be ont he safe side (I have a history of miscarriage though, this may have been overkill but it didn’t hurt)

My baby is due any day now and everything looks just perfect 😀

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