I dare you to reblog with your bra size.









34 GG/H (ribs are 34 inches around, widest part of my bust is 44 inches around. I can’t remember if GG is a size or not)

once upon a time, I had 30Es and I thought THOSE were huge. Oh, sweet summer child. You had no clue.

UK: 38FF 

US: 38H

Are bra sizes supposed to be a taboo thing to talk about? I’m curious as to what’s so daring about posting this information. Y’all know I can talk about bras all day long. 

P.S. If you haven’t properly fitted yourself for a bra, you need to go here and just DO IT: http://countingbooks.tumblr.com/post/114766189516/do-it-now-guide-to-proper-bra-fit-and-measuring 

I think I’m a c cup but I got a few recently in b cup I wear 38b/34c

42G but I think I’m a GG or H now (I just ordered new bras in the bigger cup sizes to see… I can’t get bras in local stores.)

38/40 H or HH depending on brand 


I think I’m like a 32AA personally 😛

between pregnancies and breastfeeding and transitional times, you’d think my bra collection belonged to at least three different women.

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