I’m gonna be honest: the reason why so many women are unfamiliar with their body’s changes before, during, and after birth are due to a society that has reduced the value of the female form to a barren semen receptacle.  Society is more concerned about teaching women about how NOT to get pregnant and how to obtain an abortion than teaching them how to track and understand their menstrual cycles and what to expect from pregnancy and birth.

Feminists and other activists at the turn of the century fought for medicalized birth where the male doctor takes care of everything, and later fought to sterilize themselves from the sexism that is the biological reality of pregnancy.  Is it any wonder that this “liberation” only downgraded women’s health care?  That the focus on avoiding our fertility like some kind of disease resulted in women being ignorant about this precious part of themselves?  That the result is a sex education that avoids such crucial details?

The “taboos” of the female body exist because our “progressive” fore-mothers fought for those taboos.  That is what we need to undo, whether you call yourself a feminist or not.

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