Kindles and all e-Readers are tools of Satan. Recall the words of the apostle Paul in 5 Thess. 12:89 “from the Abyss and the dark one came the kindle. Suffer it not brothers or woe be to your immortal soul”.


Lol 5 Thessalonians!? Show me that Bible!!

Anyway I own hundreds of physical books, I’m doing more than my share to sustain demand for them. On my Kindle I read public domain ebooks and highly discounted collections of short stories. And trashy SW pulp which I’d honestly be ashamed to own at this point.

I think anti-ebook purists are just jealous that I can carry Anna Karenina, Herodotus’ Histories, Les Miserables, and the collected works of Shakespeare around with me in my purse at all times for reading emergencies.

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