pretty much every vegetable you hated as a little kid would taste better if you roasted it with salt and olive oil instead of boiling it

The truth shall set you free

also sometimes if you just try it again with an adult palate because this is also a developmental issue little children are far more sensitive to bitter and metallic flavors it’s an evolutionary defense against poison

reblogging for science and culinary advice.

shit who the fuck was trying to poison their kids so much that we evolved into a species that kids need a mechanism against poison?????

Richard III

A lot of naturally poisonous foods are bitter. And small children put EVERYTHING in their mouths. So… Nature was trying to kill them.

Kids are basically hard wired – sweet = good bitter = bad because again – poison plants are bitter but breastmilk, which has the necessary nutrients and fats for a child to survive, is sweet.

I mean there are plenty of non-bitter veggies out there. And some people never end up liking broccoli. Which is fine, there’s more for me.

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