HOW TO: Keep a daily journal in 2016


1. Try to attempt something everyday 

No one likes to write about incredibly boring days. Make sure your days are fun, productive and note-worthy. 

2. Write little notes through the day 

Just to make sure you don’t forget anything, write little things down so you can remember to mention it. A detailed journal is so much more fun to look back on! 

3. Include schedules and plans 

Do you remember your small goals you had in january 2015? Probably not. Write down the simple things you wanna accomplish like getting a 100% on your next quiz, restraining from chocolate on saturday night or remembering to talk to your mom. You’ll feel so much better about yourself when you see the small things you overcame. 

4. Make it a treat 

Have a nightly tea with it. Have a cup of chocolate chips next to you. Use your favorite pen. Light that smelly candle you like so much. Make writing in your journal something to look forward to! 

5. Include doodles 

Who doesn’t like just drawing away like no one’s watching? However my suggestion would be doodling on a post-it note so you can just stick it onto the page you wrote that day. 

6. Make punny titles for the day 

One time me and my mom bought a beats pill the same day I had a doctors appointment, so I called that page “Doctor Dre”. You don’t have to be einstein, but it would be a cute thing to do. 

7. Don’t limit yourself 

You don’t have to completely fill a page everyday, and you don’t have to force yourself to do that. Be nice with yourself and only write however much you want or don’t! 

Keep trying! – Jules 

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