okay jsyk tumblr has started playing video ads even if you have adblock. and easy way to fix this is go up to the tumblr tab, right click, and click mute tab.

I just had the sudden loud audio ad attacks, and after i updated adblocks lists it seems to have gone away? I’ve done a few reloads of the site and it seems fine for now, so I guess try updating adblock

in chrome it’s extensions > and ‘options’ on adblock, then there should be some kind of ‘update now’ button for its definition lists

but seriously staff if you want to add ads to a free site, i get it, but obnoxious and sudden loud videos/audio ones are awful and it’s this kind of ad scheme that makes people get ad blockers to begin with.

Duuuude. EVERYONE hates auto play video ads. Why is this a marketing scheme? So stupid.

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