When I converted from paganism to the Catholic Church I cut out EVERYTHING from my pagan spiritual practice because I was so new to Christianity and I wasn’t sure what practices could be “baptized” so to speak or brought with me into the Church.

Now that I’m a bit more grounded/catechized/acclimated to daily Catholic life, I think I’m comfortable with bringing a few things back. Nothing blasphemous or idolatrous, I think. Just a few things that helped me and contributed to who I am as a person overall.

Namely, and the purpose of this post is to say that, I’m going to start keeping my tarot journal here. I’ve never really believed in divination/future telling nor am I even tempted to *try* to know the future. I’ve really missed using the cards as journal prompts and kind of meditation prompts though,so I’m going to start doing that again.

I’m sorry if that’s offensive to any of my Catholic followers. They’ll be tagged with #tarot or whatever.

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