Another example this morning of news outlets refusing to use the word rape.

I’ll tell you why this is a problem.

When news outlets use the phrases ”forced sex” or “made to have sex” or “non consensual sex” or other euphemism for rape, it subtly gives the impression that the act is something that the woman is participating in, rather than something that is being done TO her. 

Rape is not a kind of sex. Rape is an assault. 

Blurring the lines between rape and sex with euphemisms, in a climate where “noncon” (nonconsensual) and”dubcon” (dubious consent) are common porn tags and where degradation, humiliation, and inflicting pain against women is 100% mainstream in the porn that absolutely soaks every aspect of our culture is fucking dangerous.





When there is a rape in the news, we need to say that it was rape. Rape victims are not “having non consensual sex.” They arent taking any part in anything. Rape is happening TO them.

It may seem subtle, but these distinctions are important, especially now.

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