So, I am currently trying to get a job ghostwriting romance novels. Why? Because I think it would be easy enough to accomplish while I’m home with my kids. And two, because I have read more than a few romance novels and I know the market.

I’ve been thinking a bit in the past few days about what I actually think about romance novels. On the one hand, it could be argued that they enforce sexist gender roles (swooning ladies, bordering-on-abusive male heroes etc)

On the other hand, that may not be as true these days as it has been in the past. Granted, problematic 50 Shades trash definitely is a thriving niche subgenre, but it seems like a few of the recent romances I’ve read, the author was consciously trying to buck the assumption that big asshole dude + simpering doormat=twoo luv. If that is a trend that is gaining ground in the romance market, I’d be totally down to be a part of that in some small way.

I also think there is a very good argument to be made that the common derision towards the genre is based on conscious and unconscious misogyny. In the same way that a movie about men is just a movie but movies about women are “niche,” I think that the fact that romance is a genre made by women, about women, for women, is perhaps a large part of why it’ written off as vapid, brainless, and even dangerous.

Anyway, just some things I’ve been thinking of as I seek employment.

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