Today was my first real writing day for the ghostwriting job I got. It was pretty good. The outline I got was really open ended do I have a lot of room to do my own thing. I’m glad. I was not really interested in just fleshing out a story that was basically already written. I was not as productive as I could have been though. I have been so exhausted. It must be PMS, because my face is also breaking out and I have been crazy nauseated. Tomorrow I will try to do better.

I got Atticus to clean his disaster zone of a play room though. When we just put our minds to it it didn’t even take that long. I am hoping that if I can help him keep that room clean he will be more inclined to play in there and give me a little more space in the day for me to work. I am not trying to make a living wage, really I just need to supplement my husbands income a bit for those months when the bills get ahead of us, but I can’t do even that much with the kids crawling on me every moment of every day.

Soof beat his record standing time today. He is getting so close to walking. I don’t know if I am ready for a walker yet. It’s funny, with Atticus I was always so excited about the next milestone, urging him on all the time, but with Sufjan I just want time to slow down. The first year goes by so fast. 

Lastly, I forgot to drink water like…at all today. I feel like I’m dying.

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