I might have the dumbest cat in the world you guys.

I woke up to a HORRIFIC sound. It was some hellish mix between a human male groan and a werewolf caterwaul. And, being as I was just waking up from a deep sleep, I was 130% sure that there was a literal demon in my house coming to drag me to hell.

So I jumped up, full panic attack mode, upsetting the baby who started to cry. I inspected the house.

It was the cat.

See, we’ve got this huge novelty book about different breeds of cats. My four year old loves it. It’s like, the size of an end table. On the cover is a photo of a kitten but since the book is so big the actual size of the kitten is like a smallish dog. 

Apparently Tuna, the cat, thought this was a real animal and she’d been stalking around the house panicking about it for who knows how long until she finally woke me up.

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