As previously indicated, I’m “cheating” on the start of NaNo because as an old and boring pregnant and motherly type I can’t function past midnight, and frequently crash long before, not to mention my literal coming inability to write later this week due to various events, so I’m evening the time-to-write score. So my NaNo clock just started. Not even a full two sentences in and I had to stop and make this post to remind myself and perhaps any of you who will also be beating your heads against this particular writing wall this month:


IF IT’S NOT THE RIGHT WORD, IT’S THE PRESENT WORD. The word that shows up is the word that counts.

THE INNER EDITOR HAD ITS EDITING LICENSE REVOKED for these 30 days. Give it a nice break so it’ll be fresh for editing next month.

WRITE NOW. EDIT LATER. Editing is for December. Don’t edit, make notes (More Words!)

EVERY WORD COUNTS. Even chapter titles and section headings.

HEAVY OUTLINING SUMMARY COUNTS. Get it done and move on or flesh it out next time.


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